day 157

Today is the day,
A beautiful Spring day
That the Lord hath made.

day 156

Budding white tree tops
Is the first sign of Spring time.
They are Bradford Pears.

day 155

The sun sets over
Us playing in Spring time grass
Enjoying the day.

day 154

The sound of raindrops
Pitter pat down the gutter
And bring me my peace.

day 153

On the road again,
I'm going going going
To a better place.

day 152

One day I dream of
My name in twinkling lights
Written in the sky

day 151

Tree tops merge in peace
Why don't people do the same?
Live collectively.

day 150

Little yellow weeds
Are the first flowers of Spring
Mingling in the grass.

day 149

My Easter lily
Was a present from above
Sent by an angel.

day 148

A single oak tree
Planted firmly in the ground
Stands up strong and tall.

day 147

High up on a cloud
Is where God's love will take you
Live in the spirit!

day 146

Love is in the air,
Happy couples everywhere
Smiling, holding hands!

day 145

The red bird sings hymns
Rejoicing in the morning
Thankful for today.

day 144

The great guitar man,
An amazing gift from God,
Plays me his music.

day 143

Little white Chapel
Sits in a field full of light
Housing the divine.

day 142

Pretty white flower
Popping up out of the ground
Brings beauty to life.

day 141

The smell of Spring time
Reminds me of childhood
Playing in the grass.

day 140

Using my iPhone.
It's truly facinating.
Opens up the world.

day 139

The rabbits are out!
That means it's really Spring time.
Thank goodness it's here!

day 138

Hey now, don't give up!
If you mess up try again.
And keep on trying.

day 137

Trees don't stand alone
Their roots are all connected
To all living things.

day 136

Moonshine sing to me!
Tell me what you're dreaming of
When you're fast asleep.

day 135

Just in time for Spring
New life and new beginnings
Are never too late.

day 134

Shadow from the past
Don't follow me anymore.
For I am reborn.

day 133

Let it go away.
Don't even think about it.
Release it to Him.

day 132

The light awakens
A budding, blooming baby.
Serving it with love.

day 131

It's one of those days,
But it keeps getting better.
Gots to feel lucky.

day 130

Sunshine river flows
Washing away the winter.
Making room for Spring.

day 129

Grow little flower,
Don't be afraid to stand tall.
Keep reaching higher.

day 128

Look into my soul,
Heal the wounds that cause me pain,
So that I can live.

day 127

Never stand alone.
Every step along the way.
God will be right there.

day 126

The color yellow.
Behind a daisy flower.
That makes me happy!

day 125

Flowerpot guitar
Is something I imagined.
Now that's an idea.

day 124

Let your life emerge
Into something really great
Never giving up.

day 123

Music, my savior!
It turns a frown upside down.
And works every time.

day 122

Seeing through the stuff
Towards what is real and true
Brings me clarity.

day 121

Shine your light on me,
I need your love and your warmth
To get through the day.

day 120

Flowers. I love them.
Especially white daisies.
They live a long life.

day 119

Look what I see! A
Guitar sittin' ova der
Waiting to be played.

day 118

A breathtaking sky
Reveals God's most awesome art
Oh what a blessing!